Terms and Conditions

  1. Entry is based on our standard questionnaire, company profile and curriculum vitae for the applicable categories. Self-motivation is allowed and indeed encouraged. Firms are required to provide motivations for the various sub-categories  which will also be used to judge the overall categories.Motivations will be destroyed once the adjudication process is complete and will not be returned.
  2. Deadline for questionnaire submissions is 31 July 2016 and may be extended by the organizers at their discretion. Motivations should be sent to kc.rottok@saproawards.co.za
  3. Supporting documentation should be submitted where necessary and may be requested by organisers. Such documentation will not be returned and hence copies are preferred.
  4. A panel of independent judges will be constituted by the organisers. Judging will be at their discretion and we reserve the right not to divulge information relating to the judging process.  Scores will not be divulged and organisers reserve the right not to present an award should they find the motivations submitted to be sub-standard.
  5. By submitting a motivation, participating firms are expected to attend the awards and a senior member of the firm should be present to receive the award in the event of victory.
  6. Related entities such as holding companies and subsidiaries will be treated as a singular entrant where the entries relate to the same discipline.
  7. The SA Professional Services Awards logo will be availed for use by the various firms marketing departments. Similarly, logos of firms participating or winning awards may be used by the organisers in promotion of the events.
  8. Subsequent to the awards, the organisers undertake to publish a winners journal profiling the winners. Trophies and a signed certificate will be also be provided for each award.
  9. Entry forms from firms will espouse the integrity expected of professionals and information will be treated as true and correct. No audit will be performed on information submitted. Any firms found to be dishonest in their submissions may be disqualified from future participation.
  10. Only companies that provide professional services within the given classes are allowed to enter. Companies that provide professional services as an ancillary service within their business may enter with motivations restricted to the professional services they provide.
  11. Companies may enter motivations for more than one category, for instance an engineering firm that also provides architectural services may submit motivation for both engineering and architecture categories.
  12. Entries should cover achievements attained during the 24 months ended 30 June 2016 although motivation information for prior periods may be provided as a background.
  13. Entries will be judged on criteria common to professionals in the category and overall which include (but not limited to) technical excellence, ethical behaviour, transformation, contribution to the profession, social responsibility and business performance.
  14. Participation in the event is at own risk and you hereby indemnify the organisers, sponsors, the hosting venue and all other individuals and entities involved in the event from any loss or injury of whatsoever nature.